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Case Study – McDonald’s Indonesia

Case Study – McDonald’s Indonesia






2020 has been a year of global disruption – that none of us was truly prepared for. Phrases like ‘the new normal’and ‘lockdown’ entered our vocabularies and are now used on a daily basis.

In Indonesia, this disruption to life as we knew it has been particularly tough. Lockdowns and social distancing have been strictly enforced by the government and businesses have had to adapt.

Even one of the world’s largest and most loved brands McDonald’s has not been exempt from this ‘new normal’.

But this didn’t deter McDonald’s from running their 10:10 promotion in Indonesia where a voucher/tablet solution was implemented, producing record sales.

The Problem:

McDonald’s needed a safe and scalable solution to minimise the business disruption of COVID19 and to continue to run their popular promotions and provide some cheer to the public.

With McDonald’s drive-throughs in Jakarta closed during the lockdown, discussions were held at a Government level to find a way to integrate a tablet with a POS machine.

The Solution:

McDonald’s approached Youtap to leverage our expertise in Contactless and Digital Payments to help them deliver a safe, scalable and convenient solution.

Youtap delivered a loyalty/voucher solution in conjunction with tablet-based POS software.

Launched for McDonald’s 10:10 promotion, the McDonald’s Indonesia team were able to process an incredible 50,000 transactions in one day.

McDonald’s staff were able to navigate the drive-thru queues with handheld tablets to take orders and process payments all while maintaining social distancing and staying safe.

The Results:

The results speak for themselves, it was a record day for McDonald’s in Indonesia, selling over 250,000 burgers in a SINGLE DAY!

“The rise in users and transactions is due to the change in the behaviour of consumers, who prefer deliveries and cashless payment during the pandemic,”

Herman Suharto, CEO – Youtap Indonesia

This demonstrates not only the appetite for safe and convenient payment methods in the face of COVID19 but also how Youtap can generate real business growth for even the biggest brands during these unprecedented times.

Hospitality businesses make up over 50% of Youtap’s cashless payment transaction volumes. From the biggest brands on Earth like McDonald’s right through to your neighbourhood corner store, we cater to businesses of all levels.

We are proud to both deliver bottom line revenue while also doing our bit to prevent the spread of COVID and help businesses keep operating during these testing times.

Want to learn more about how Youtap can take your company beyond payments? Get in touch with our experts today.

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