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Case Study – Youtap Merchant Transactions Through ShopeePay, Both MSMEs and Large Merchants, Up Five Times

Case Study – Youtap Merchant Transactions Through ShopeePay, Both MSMEs and Large Merchants, Up Five Times





In addition to MSME merchant partners, Shopee Pay has also been utilized by Youtap’s major merchant partners such as McDonald’s.

SINGAPORE – Youtap’s collaboration with Shopee has resulted in the volume of non-cash transactions for Shopee Pay users on the Youtap merchant network, both MSME merchant partners and large merchants, has experienced very significant growth of up to five times.

After experiencing a decline at the beginning of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), the growth of Shopee Pay’s non-cash transactions can also be seen in several MSME business sectors, such as the stall business sector which grew 283 percent, and grocery stores which grew 50 percent.

In addition to the soaring increase in transactions, Youtap and ShopeePay also saw changes in consumer behavior during the month of Ramadan.

 “Previously, most of the Shopee Pay transactions occurred on weekends, during the month of Ramadan, the transaction pattern has changed with a tendency for transaction volumes to occur evenly throughout the week,” said CEO of Youtap Indonesia Herman Suharto  in a written statement, Tuesday (26/5/2020) .

Herman said, apart from MSME merchant partners, Shopee Pay has also been used by Youtap’s major merchant partners such as McDonald’s.

“In a short time, the use of Shopee Pay continues to experience a significant increase from week to week,” he said.

Herman hopes that the increase in non-cash transactions in the future can bring fresh air to merchant partners who are currently struggling to run their businesses while adapting to the new normal.

 Youtap support for MSMEs

He also described the various efforts Youtap had made in helping MSME traders, especially those on a micro scale.

“We are also promoting a clean, healthy and safe campaign across Youtap’s merchant partner network. One example is that we have just built handwashing facilities at several street vendors (PKL) points in Bandung City, which in the future will be followed by other cities,” concluded Herman.

Meanwhile, ShopeePay Marketing Manager, Cindy Candiawan , stated that her party is very happy to be collaborating with Youtap who has the same vision and commitment to expanding services at offline merchants.

“Looking at the current positive achievements, we hope that we can help accelerate our growth as well as have a positive impact on the community,” he said. 

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Author: Mochammad Dipa | Editor: Fred Mahatma TIS

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