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Innovation in today’s globalized economy is integral to survival. Innovation and development in key economic factors, such as capital, labor, and technology, create opportunity. In agribusiness, the influence of these issues is of greater significance due to the peculiarities of agriculture’s structure and traditions. Manual labor, a lack of education, and a willingness to work have usually been the keen drivers behind this primary industry. However, agricultural requirements are shifting due to the changes of the labor process itself, asserting a  need to restructure the education system within the sector and focus on emerging, innovative technologies that are becoming essential to agricultural competitiveness, sustainability, and success. 

     Automation, and the introduction of AI, need advanced cognitive and technological skills, as they replace traditional manual tasks with technology that requires heightened concentration and perception. This requires the labor force to be re-educated in the capitalized technological development of agricultural enterprises. 

     The development and implementation of these ideas and products are only made possible if significant resources are made available to create the necessary scientific and technological environment that comes hand in hand with implementing innovative projects.

     However, none of this is possible without investment into the agri-tech innovations themselves. These developments and designs have a snowball effect through the manual laborer, creating opportunities for companies to be more competitive, efficient, and profitable. There is unlimited access at this time for any data on agri-tech. Youtap has developed precision technology that is custom-made for agri-business. Their applications have a proven track record in Africa, giving financial freedom to the framer with established expertise in agri-tech. It is proving to be life-changing for a community often affected by the vagaries of economics and the weather. 

     Issues within modern agriculture can be solved through professional, systemic usage of innovations that set out to be strategic and objective within the currency of technological decision-making. By overcoming cultural barriers, tradition, labor-intensive, and labor-sensitive concerns, the global development of the agricultural industry can start to flourish. The grass appears to be greener on the FinTech side.

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