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Loyalty is the constant in an ever-changing digital world

Loyalty is the constant in an ever-changing digital world





From private wealth management to commercial, corporate, and consumer banking, interacting with clients digitally is now the status quo. In this evolving environment, customer experience and client satisfaction are fundamental principles to embrace. To achieve this, banks, financial institutions, and retailers must ensure that all aspects of the customer’s digital journey, whether a high-value transaction or a digital agreement are efficient, secure, and uncomplicated. While the traits mentioned above are essential to digitalization and virtual reality, all are redundant if there is no [customer] loyalty. 

The emerging trend that has been around forever

Although some pundits have commented that loyalty as a “thing” is an emerging trend, loyalty has been embedded into humankind’s business and personal psyche since time immemorial. Loyalty is a valued relational virtue that includes familial relationships, friends, organizations, nations,  religions, and workplaces. Loyalty in the business world is understood in three ways: transactional retention, sentimental attraction, and a willingness to commit oneself. Commitment refers to an adherence to a person, cause, or institution that may contribute to a person’s (or business) success, generating the humanized virtue of loyalty in an engendered sense of emotional commitment and a sense of identity. This characterized loyalty enhances the humanness of both the individual and the business, consequently contributing to heightened cohesion and cooperation, fostering economic growth and success. 

Developing and earning the required loyalty…

Understanding these basic tenets of loyalty is essential to moving forward personally and vocationally. FinTech companies are cognitive of the opportunity loyalty brings to the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions. The resultant loyalty programs and reward schemes that continue to propagate are explicitly designed to provoke emotional commitment and a sense of belonging emotively. This tribalism measures the customers’ likeliness to do repeat business with a company or brand. It results from customer satisfaction, positive customer experiences, and the overall value of goods and services that a customer receives.

A mutual understanding

FinTech Youtap has realized the importance of customer loyalty being the company’s most (in) valuable asset. Because of this, Youtap’s software and cloud-based innovations are designed to transition their clients’ wish-list seamlessly into reality. Youtap has identified the emerging trend for loyalty-based integration as just one principle for maintaining client retention. Youtaps software effortlessly incorporates loyalty platforms into their customers’ networks, delivering a diverse range of loyalty schemes that preserve their client base. Youtap continues to advance and develop loyalty programs across a wide range of devices and loyalty types, maintaining a tangible presence in the digital wallet ecosystem.

Maintaining the emerging trend

All businesses should at least strive to improve their customer loyalty, whether through a loyalty program or a rewards scheme, ensuring that their customers remain loyal and keep them purchasing and implementing their products. At the same time, due to their positive experiences and satisfaction makes them promote the brand, [Youtap], to a new audience ready to receive the same polished service and innovative software as they have come to accept and expect.

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