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The increasing lexicon of FinTech acronyms has introduced decentralized finance, Defi, into its evolutionary vocabulary of finance and regulation. However, although contextually DeFi is important, it has neither legality nor technicality. Within the FinTech ecosystem, DeFi is used to incorporate decentralization, disintermediation, and distributed ledger technology. Additionally, DeFi includes blockchain, open banking, and smart contracts. 

     Essentially, DeFi is the decentralized provision of financial services, blending applications, infrastructure, markets, methods, and technology. DeFi’s financial service provision means end-users, intermediaries, and multiple participants, across various jurisdictions and facilitated interactions enabled by technological usage can network. DeFi involves the emerging economic infrastructure that makes

     DeFi encompasses the emerging financial infrastructure, ensuring that goods and services like lending are available through distributed ledger technology (DLT) resolutions. DeFi protocols enable decentralized borrowing and lending to happen; smart contracts transform conventional risk functions associated with traditional banking. 

     However, DeFi protocols are still in their infancy. Risks associated with it continue as facilitated interactions and technology evolve. Moving forward with DeFi, new, decentralized credit approval is required as decentralized finance threatens traditional lending services and practice. 

     Youtaps applications and platforms are custom made, tailored to assist their customers in branding and customizing financial solutions specific to their industry’s vertical.     Youtap’s applications and platforms are individualized to help customers brand and customize solutions for their particular industry vertical. These products deliver transforming the necessary software that enables DeFi to continue to challenge conventional banking with alacrity and effectiveness digitally. 

     DeFi is the face of how technology is disintermediating accepted, existing finance industry goods and services. These industry norms continue to be challenged by DeFi’s decentralized platforms and are leading to further banking industry adaptation and adoption of innovative development and technology. 

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