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Green banking is a developing, politically-correct concept challenging conventional banking as the industry moves from the physicality of brick-and-mortar to the invisible ether of AI, the cloud, and digitization.

     Historically conventional banking is primarily a business to manage and make money. However, as digitization and technological innovation has started to supplant tradition, banks are beginning to reconsider their modus operendi. Due to this, banks have started to implement change.

     Firstly, banks engage in more personalized customer service, maintaining and sustaining their client base. Secondly, banks are becoming more environmentally aware, their customers have voiced their concerns about greening the environment. These two matters combine business with environmentalism, adding intrinsic ethical value to banks by optically appearing socially aware in their business practices. Green banking is the following result.

     Today, green banking practices dominate the milieu of Neobanking, with one purpose being becoming pollution-free by reducing their carbon footprint, for example, by replacing paper with digitization, green banking being intelligent. 

     Intelligent banking in the current marketplace equates to conservationism. Subsequently, green politics proactively partner with green banking, promoting sustainability and environmentalism. Green banking goods and services, like AI and digitization, are now more privately and publicly prevalent, enabling green initiatives to be a seamless part of banking. Partnering with AI is MI (Marketing Intelligence).

     MI is the information relevant to a company’s marketplace. The intelligence is collected and analyzed explicitly to confidently determine market opportunity, market strategy, and market development. MI’s intelligence allows banks to broaden their base and increase their profit. MI and AI are essential for banking to transition from concrete to the cloud, seamlessly merging into a clean, green, intelligent future.

     Youtap has the technology of implementing green techniques into its solution services. Their proven industry track-record testament to their capabilities and environmental intelligence. Their technology enables traditional banks to move from paper-based restrictions to real-time digitized interactions, ensuring green transactions. 

     These processes are the intelligence of the present and the future. Whether AI or MI, intelligence captures a more eco-political, socially aware base, educated, environmentally concerned, and green. 

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