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Innovative Merchant eMoney Wallet and Tablet Solution in Indonesia

Innovative Merchant eMoney Wallet and Tablet Solution in Indonesia





Despite COVID-19, Youtap’s growing Merchant base in Indonesia is enjoying the ability to accept contactless payments.

Youtap’s Merchant Acceptance footprint extends countrywide to over 435 cities and towns.

Youtap’s Merchant Wallet App is available for download from Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

Consumers (eMoney users) are snapping QR codes (generated by Youtap Merchant Wallet App) at retailers and quick service vendors. The Youtap Merchant Wallet App has become the Merchant’s “Shop in my Pocket.” The Merchant gets sales and purchasing insights. SME (small to medium-size enterprise) Merchants are requesting ‘smart’ Android-based tablets to complement their mobile phone device.

The tablet provides more visible insights and enables the display of promotions at the point of sale (POS).

Integrated loyalty services enable the Merchant to offer rewards in the form of “digital stamps” and e-vouchers for subsequent purchases.

The Merchant Wallet Application enables the Merchant to manage inventory and supply chain purchasing and settlement.

According to TechInAsia* there are 50 Digital Wallets in Indonesia and over 225 million eWallet users, driving the demand for innovative digital merchant services and applications at the point of sale.

*TechInAsia opinion e-wallet transformation in Indonesia – 3rd Sept 2020

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