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Merchant eMoney wallet drivers

Merchant eMoney wallet drivers





As demand for Consumer Payment Apps and the use of eMoney grows, merchants need to become digital.

A typical merchant faces the prospect of downloading multiple consumer payment apps to accept consumer eWallet & eMoney payments.

A typical merchant should be able to download from the Play Store or App Store a specific Merchant App that accepts all eMoney Wallets, and traditional payment methods including Cards, and Cash.

The Merchant App becomes the merchants “shop in their pocket”.

The Merchant App enables the merchant to:

  • accept and settle with eMoney & eWallet Consumers
  • accept traditional payment methods, and
  • redeem digital loyalty & reward vouchers presented at their Merchants Point of Sale. eMoney and eWallet Consumers, can redeem these vouchers through the Merchant App using QR codes
  • the Merchant App captures transactional data, which we call a data footprint.

Digital merchants create a digital footprint of valuable transaction data that can be monetized. Data collected through the Merchant App includes consumer payment data linked directly to the merchant’s inventory through SKU’s (stock-keeping units). The merchant receives data insights into their customer’s buyer behaviour, including what they are buying and how frequently they are purchasing these items. This information is linked to their cashbook and backend accounting.

The “offline merchant” now becomes an “online merchant” and is digitally enabled through the Merchant App. They use their Merchant App to order through the supply chain using eCommerce or online ordering and use the App as their “Shop in a Pocket”.

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