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KPI’s for eMoney Wallets

KPI’s for eMoney Wallets





In earlier blogs we covered measuring success in Digital Banking. We listed the various KPI’s to illustrate the key indicators of traction. We will revisit this frequently to emphasize the need to understand the importance and impact of eMoney Wallets on traditional financial services.

The key questions are:

  1. How well is my internet banking service going?
  2. What are its success criteria?
  3. How well is my mobile banking services going?
  4. Are these services providing all the needs of the consumer?
  5. Are the services growing the consumer base?
  6. Can I visually see in App or on a dashboard the activity real-time and can I influence the consumer digitally?

Smart eMoney Wallets provide a ‘sticky’ UX (user experience), a range of familiar services and applications linked to loyalty, reward, recognition, payment options and insights.

A CIO and Management should know daily:

  2. Conversion
  3. Registration
  4. Daily Actives
  5. Services & Activity Usages – e.g. bill payment or cash-in’s
  6. Repeat vs New
  7. Volume/Value

Insights and activity in real-time.

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